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Watching TV is OUT

In the book hotel, audio book hotel & games hotel

Game: World of books

The book hotel, the audio book hotel

Check into the reading hotel and book hotel, switch off and immerse yourself in the world of literature.

As a reader of books from our extensive library or as a spellbound listener of audio books from our well-stocked audio library, you can forget everyday life by immersing yourself completely in a good story - that is pure peace and relaxation.

The games hotel

"Play is the highest form of research", Albert Einstein. The games hotel offers a wide selection of board and card games, ensuring unforgettable moments together on a family holiday.

Consciously giving up the television gives you more time for your partner and your family. The hotel has a games library with over 400 games and the "G'wölb", a separate games room with extra-large tables.

Here you can play through the night or even leave your game at home.